30,000 square feet of storage space

Star Moving & Storage Company has a world class and fortified warehouse where you can put your stuff without any fear of Mold & Mildew. The warehouse has both fire and water alarming system in order to keep the storage safe. Apart from it, the building of storage space is done in such a way that rain water cannot penetrate and besides this, temperature is also set at moderate level. By proving such an ideal place for storage, the company has fulfilled both the companies’ warehouse requirement as well as the residential storage requirements. The company has also got cutting-edge machinery and equipment to replace heavy inventory. All commercial inventories are placed in a proper queue and placed in accordance with the number of rows and columns allotted to them.Moving and storage services,Air con storage space for rent

Every now and then, companies face storage problems in Singapore and everywhere else around the world. Whenever the company is moving its warehouse to a new place the problem that arises at first is where to keep the inventory that is already in the warehouse. The answer to the problem lies in the services of Star Moving Company. The storage company provides services for both short and long term. The company has got a very huge and secured warehouse system where your inventories and equipment can be placed easily. You can use the services of Star Moving either for few days or for several months. The warehouse has enough space to keep the inventories and equipment of sizes ranging from 20sq ft up to 50,000 sq ft. This huge size facility can help you to keep the entire inventory at a same place. So, whether it is a bulky item or any delicate value, we are here to store them for you. In order to assure 10/10 safety, top-notch security system has been placed in our warehouses that comprises of CCTV cameras and other equipment’s. There are many well-known companies who took our service quite often and stored their inventories during off season. As far as charges are concerned, the company always keep the charges affordable enough for everyone to avail the opportunity to get the service done.

The company pledges the obligation for your inventory and all the possible chances that can cause damage are completely abolished at the warehouse. Proper sanitary system and fumigation sprays are also done in order to avoid pests, mildew, rot and damp. Hence once your inventory is at our place it is safe and protected. Remember that you may get such storage space services from other companies in Singapore, but the gratification we provide to our customers is unmatched; we keep customers’ wish prior to anything else. The work efficiency you can get from the Star Moving Company is simply indomitable. Either it is a business move or a home shift, an off season issue or a placement scarcity, experience the ease of storing your valuables at Star Moving. When in need, you do not have to rush back to us, we will deliver the goods back to your doorstep.Moving and storage services,Air con storage space for rent

Please contact us at +65 67912488  for pricing information or email enquiries to enquiry@starmovers.com.sg