Things to Know Before Moving to Singapore

Relocating to a foreign country can be fascinating but at the same time challenging. It is inevitable that you will face an all new culture, language and lifestyle, but how you tackle the change and adjust in the new environment is also important. Whatever the case may be, there are some countries in the world which welcome you with such warmth and cordiality that you hardly realize that you are in a different land among different people, Singapore being one of them.

Before you move to Singapore, here are some facts about the island country that you must know:

  • Although Singapore has a very small population, a large number of tourists visit the country every year, and therefore the tourism industry of the country is always at its peak. More than one million tourists visit Singapore every year and most often some of them decide to stay back. The standard of living, climate and employment opportunities offered by the country inspires people to relocate to Singapore permanently.
  • Singapore has one of the highest costs of living in the world. It is ranked tenth among the most expensive cities in the world. People, who relocate to Singapore from Europe or Australia, are however relaxed by the low tax rates.
  • Because Singapore was previously a British colony, it still has strong ties to UK. The official languages of the country are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. The currency of the country is Singapore dollar and the main religions followed by the locals here are Buddhism and Christianity.
  • Although maximum economic activity in Singapore takes place on the main island, there are actually 62 islands enveloping the country. The country is largely influenced by the amalgam of different cultures that have survived here over the centuries. These range from the ancient Malays and Chinese to the British culture.

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