Moving is always a tedious thing to do and when you are planning to shift from one country to another the task become even tougher. When it comes to an international move, you have to complete all paper work along with the documentation and passport issue is yet another hurdle. In this scenario, you need an impeccable professional service to make things simpler and convenient. Keeping all these complications in mind; today Star Moving comes up with a seamless solution that will take away all of your snags of international shifting.

International Movers

For over a decade, Star Moving has been providing this moving service on national, regional and global basis. The international moving company is underpinned by world class service level settlements and a robust service charter. At Star moving; we provide assistance in moving your accessories to and from Singapore to the rest of the world. The only thing you have to do is to contact with the company and then the rest of the planning for your shifting and proper execution will be done by the efficient workers of the Star Moving Company. Our services will help you to get paperwork on time; all the stuff is properly packed and assurance is given of the secured arrival of your stuff at a new place. Star Moving is integrated with proper technology and well trained professional movers and packers that serve their best for you.

Many of the companies who shift their employees to other countries have long contracts with Star Moving in order to ensure convenient shifting for their employees. We provide international moving services for all transportation means that is via air, land or sea. You can get our services in every means and your stuff will be secured. Our charges are based over the volume of your stuff; charges vary with your load of stuff; but there is one thing that is assured by the company and that is reasonable and affordable charges for all. We can transfer all of your household stuff, electronic appliances, furniture, apparels, home decoration pieces and all other stuff you may want to take away with you. For a person it may seems difficult to handle all these stuff but for the expert workers of our company it is a routine work and they are so competent in it that you will get everything at your doorstep. The insurance dealing is also done by the company representative so that you can have a convenient shifting. We also provide customized movers and packers services, if you need to get your stuff at the port we can hand it over to you and if you want us to place it in your home we are ready to serve in this way as well.

All of your stuff is packed in cartons of appropriate sizes and wooden crating is done for high value items. So if you are about to shift internationally then you are warmly welcome to avail the services of Star Moving Company. The vital mission of our company is customer satisfaction and we do our best to attain it.

Quick Glossary Lookup:

International moves are moves where items are shipped via air or sea out of Singapore. International charges are based on volume. We offer door to door and door to port services. All items are carefully packed for secure loading into either lift vans or shipping containers depending on the size of your shipment. Insurance coverage for your shipment can be purchased prior to or on the day of your move.

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